How secure is securesharing.org?
Unfortunately there is no 100% secure system in the world, but we can say that we did everything possible to protect your files. We use AES256 (Rijndael) to encrypt your files multiple times and use high secure SSL channels to protect your transfers. Additionally we protect your files by time-based one-time passwords as a second factor of security (optional).
Can i decrypt my files offline?

We use a enhanced and modified version of Thad Van den Bosch's sourcecode published on CodeProject. Our modifications cover additional security features and the possibility of multiple iterations. Our binaries are available for download here (download as ZIP file) and can be used to decrypt your files offline by knowing the key, the salt and the number of iterations (make you have a backup of your file before you try to decrypt it).

How long remain my files on the server?

You are able to select how long your files should remain on the server. The default timespan is one week; you can select between 1h, 12h, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. 1 month is the maximum, after this period your files will be deleted permanently.

Is there a filesize limit?

The current limit is 4.6 GB per file - the maximum size the Microsoft IIS Webserver can handle. You can upload unlimited number of files. There is no overall limit. In case your need to upload more than 4.6GB please split your large file into different pieces by using WinRAR or another similar tool.

Is it for free?

Yes, it is for free - and you are not the product! We may add additional functions in the feature which can be available in payed plans only.